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How do I interpret my transcript?

Interpreting the Transcript.

Subject: This is the Subject of the class.

Course: This is the # representing the level of the class.

Campus:  This gives the location the class was given.

Level:  CR: Credit; EL: Extended Learning/Non Credit Continuing ed class; PD: Professional Development; SK: Skill Development

Title:  The name of the class.

Grade:  The grade Received.

Credit Hours: How many credits the class was worth

Quality Points:  The number of credits taken times the points for the grade.  See the GPA calculating page to learn how to calculate them.

GPA: Grade Point Average which are calculated by dividing your quality points by the total credits you've taken.





A 4.0 Excellent
B 3.0 Good
C 2.0 Satisfactory
D 1.0 Less than Satisfactory
F 0.0 Unsatisfactory
+ or -   Plus or minus .3 points
P No Effect Pass (Equal to A- through C-)
NP No Effect No Pass (equal to D+ through F)
I   Incomplete
U   Audit
NC   No Basis for Grade
*   Withdrawal after Refund Deadline(no grade recorded)
EN   Enrolled
CM   Completed
NCM   Not Completed
XZG   Conversion Grade
E   Repeated Course Points earned not included in the cumulative GPA
@   Credit By Assessment of CEU By Assessment
<   Academic Renewal (not calculated in cumulative GPA)
~   Credit By Exam or CEU By Exam
Y   Y No Basis for Grade (Prior to 1997)

W: Withdrawal (Prior to 1991)

If you have any questions about a grade or why you received something it's best to talk to your teacher about it.

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