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Can I get reviews on Lane's instructors?

Instructor Reviews

Though Lane does conduct student reviews of instructors at the end of each term, this is for internal feedback only and is not published to the students.

Tips for finding the right instructor for you:

  • Ask around. If you have friends who have taken a course, find out what their experience was.
  • Talk to the instructors before you register for the course. Ask them about their teaching style and goals. Most instructors are very happy to tell you their educational philosophy.
  • Everyone has a different learning style so look for instructors that that fit your style.
  • Just because an instructor gets a few bad reviews does not mean they are bad instructor. There are many reasons a student may not like a particular instructor and it is not always the instructor's fault.
  • Different instructors assign various kinds of homework, projects, or papers for the grade. Do you prefer testing, project and group work, or lots of practice?
  • What is your goal for the course? Are you just wanting to get through a difficult subject, or are you ready to be challenged?

Though there are websites available to rate instructors, none are specifically aimed at Lane's instructors. If you search for a Lane instructor on one of these sites, check the number of students rating the instructor as well as the date--a larger group and more recent ratings will give you a better sense of that instructor. 


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