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Can grades be appealed?

Appealing Grades

If you have a grade dispute, you have some options.

First, you might try talking with your instructor, to see if there is anything you can do to improve the grade you received. 

If not, and you retake the course later and get a better grade, you can have your old grade removed from your calculated GPA on your Lane transcript. This will improve your Lane GPA, though it may not be considered at a different college if you transfer. You can read the specifics and apply for this in your myLane account, in the "myEnrollment" area. Fill out the Request to Absolve Repeated Courses form, and submit it any time after you have completed the course again with a better grade. This can only be done one time per course.

Sometimes, for purposes of meeting a degree program requirement, it is necessary to request other changes, such as changing a P/NP to a Letter grade on your transcript, or other grade appeals. The Academic Requirements Review Committee meets once per term to review such requests as these, as well as course substitutions, waivers of certain requirements, extensions to college deadlines, etc. To appeal to the Academic Requirements Review Committee, go to the Enrollment Services Forms page to find the correct form.

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