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Can you tell me about Sustainability at Lane?

Sustainability at Lane

Lane's Sustainability Core Values

  • Integrate practices that support and improve the health of systems that sustain life.
  • Provide an interdisciplinary learning environment that builds understanding of sustainable ecological, social, and economic systems, concern for environmental justice, and the competence to act on such knowledge. 
  • Equip and encourage all students and staff to participate actively in building a socially diverse, just, and sustainable society, while cultivating connections to local, regional, and global communities.


Sustainability Coordinator is an emerging occupation. Market surveys of regional and statewide employers indicate job growth potential is significant and expected to increase. Are you interested in a job where you can help preserve the environment, human health, economic prosperity, and social equity? Lane has a Sustainability Coordinator Associate of Applied Science Degree!

To learn more about Lanes sustainability visit the Sustainability page.

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