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Can students work at Lane?

Four ways a student can work at Lane


If you are eligible, you can find and apply for jobs online at Lane Job Connection or by searching the "Part Time Classified/Staff" options. Many departments at Lane offer student jobs and one advantage is that you can arrange your work schedule much more easily between shifting class schedules. You must remain enrolled at least half-time and in "good" or "warning" SAP standing throughout any term you are working.


Federal Work Study (FWS):

Federal Work Study is a student job, for pay, that is awarded through a federal financial aid grant through the regular financial aid packaging.  To qualify, you must be an early applicant on your FAFSA, completing it before January 31 and also demonstrate very high need (low Expected Family Contribution(EFC), and high "cost of attendance" budget).  You will also need to complete any "Student Requirements" from Lane's Financial Aid department before the first award letters are generated, usually in May, so get your documentation in before the beginning of May if you want to be considered for FWS since funds are limited.  


Federal Work Study is awarded on a "first come, first served" basis, so even if you apply early, and meet other qualifications, it is possible that Lane will not have this grant available for you.  It is recommended that you apply the first week of January, if you want FWS.


Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn is a student employment program, funded through the college, for students who do not qualify for FWS.  If you either do not receive a Talent Grant, or you were not offered FWS on your award letter, you may apply for Learn and Earn in the Career and Employment Services Office in the Counseling Department in Building 1.


Part Time Employment

There are also opportunities for students to work part time at the College.  Some of these jobs could include working in the cafeteria or tutoring.  To apply for these jobs view the "Part Time Classified/Staff" options.  Keep in mind that students may not qualify for all of these job opportunities but are encouraged to apply for those that they do.

The Human Resources department is located in Building 3 on the 1st floor.


Student Leadership

There are also limited positions with Student Government and the College newspaper that you can earn a stipend for.  Come by the Student Government office in Building 1 Room 212 to see if there are any available and how you can get involved!

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