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Can I repeat a class?

Repeating a Class

In general, you may repeat a class.

If you receive financial aid, though, there are some important rules to understand about repeating courses and whether those credits will count for financial aid payments.  In most cases, once you have received credit for a course (Any grade D- or above, or a "P"), you may only receive financial aid for one more repeat.  There are some exceptions, for classes which are designed to be taken again and again, such as some PE, Independent Study, Co-op, Art or Music classes as an example. For these, check with your Counselor/Advisor to be sure.  You should also check the Financial Aid website about Repeat Coursework

It is also important to make sure you are not nearing your credit limit for financial aid. 

If you did not do well in a course that you received a letter grade for, you may, one time per course, request to absolve the credits from a prior time you took the course. This means the "old" grade will no longer be calculated into your GPA. The information about having taken the course before and the grade you earned at the time will still be part of your transcript, as historical data. 

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