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How will financial aid be affected if I withdraw?

Withdrawing from classes at Lane has different impacts depending on when in the term you withdraw. Some things to consider are whether you intend to drop all or just some of your credits, whether you have financial aid, and whether you needed classes will be repeated later in the year.

Withdrawal before the “Drop with Refund” date:
If you drop your courses before the “Drop with Refund” date, you will not be charged for those courses. You will not be paid financial aid for them, and they will not count against "attempted credits" for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Academic Progress Standards (APS), or Credit Limit purposes.  (Note for Summer Term Pell Grant recipients: Because Summer term has multiple "parts of term", your Pell Grant will pay your full term amount at the beginning, even if your classes begin later. If you drop a class before it's refund deadline, you will have to repay the Pell Grant portion asscociated with those credits.)

Withdrawal mid-term:
If you drop your courses after the “ Drop with Refund” date or simply stop attending, you may:

  • Have to re-pay a portion of your financial aid money if you drop ALL your courses or do not complete ANY credits.
  • These credits WILL count against "Attempted Credits" for SAP and Credit Limit purposes. Withdrawls do NOT count as "repeat" courses for you 2 time financial aid limit. 

These credits WILL count against "Attempted Credits" for SAP and Credit Limit purposes.  Withdrawals do NOT count as "repeat" courses for your 2 time financial aid limit.

See the Financial Aid Withdrawal Information page!

To learn more about your financial aid options, stay up to date on our financial aid policies, and maybe have a little fun in the process, follow Lane Community College Financial Aid on Facebook!


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