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What is considered a passing grade?

Passing Grades

Here at Lane, passing grades are considered anything from "C-" and up, depending on your program. If you feel you have received an incorrect grade for the term, contact your instructor.

However, anything below a "C" will tend to bring down your GPA.

This can affect your Financial Aid SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) as well as whether you meet the term-by-term Academic Progress Standard of the college--which is that you must have at least a 2.0 (C average) GPA and at least 67% completion of all attempted credits each term.

To find out how your grades affect your GPA and how they are calculated, view our GPA question.

Financial Aid Students need to be aware that you are only allowed to repeat a course one time after you initially receive a grade (D- or higher) or a "P" for the course.  After the second time being taken, you may not receive financial aid for that course.

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