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What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways

A Career pathway is a series of low-cost and convenient educational programs that give you the opportunity to advance to higher levels of employment in an industry or occupational sector. Each step on a career pathway is designed to prepare you to progress to the next level of employment and education.

Career pathways target jobs in industries of importance to the local economy. They are designed to create both avenues of advancement for workers already in their fields and to supply new, highly qualified workers for local employers.

Career Pathways are NOT eligible for financial aid as stand-alone programs.  However, you may take a Career Pathway as part of an eligible degree or certificate program and receive financial aid for the Career Pathways classes as well. 

Career Pathways at Lane:

Please talk to a Lane Counselor/Advisor for more information regarding a career in:

Arts, Communications and Information, Business and Management, Food and Natural Resources, Health Services, Human Resources, and Industrial and Engineering Systems.

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