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Can I Change Grading Options?

Grade Options

You may change your grading options up until the end of the 8th week of each term, which is considered the 60% point of the term.  You can find out when this is by looking at the Academic Calendar for the "Last day for schedule changes".

You have three options to choose: Letter Grade, Pass / No Pass, and Audit. (Do not choose CN/TP, as this is for students enrolled in the College Now program and is for office use only.)

If you have any questions regarding any changes you want to make, visit an academic counselor.

Log into myLane and select the "myEnrollment" tab. Next go to the "Registration Tools" window and select "Registration Tools"

  • Click "Register for Classes"
  • Choose the term you want and click "Continue"
  • You will see tabs at the top of the Registration screen that look like this:
  • Choose "Schedule and Options".  Your schedule will be displayed.
  • Look under Grade Mode for the class you want to change. Most classes default to "Letter Grade", but some will be "Pass/No Pass".
  • Click on the Grade Mode for the class you want to change, and you will have a drop down of any choices you have available.
  • Choose what you want, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.
  • LOOK at your schedule after submitting the change, to be certain you changed it the way you wanted to!

Pass / No Pass
Important! If you receive Financial Aid, P/NP(Pass / No Pass) is counted in your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
A "P" counts as completed credits. A "NP" counts as "attempted" but not completed credits.

Important! If you receive financial aid and/or scholarships, check with Financial Aid BEFORE you change a class to Audit.

Any credits attempted are considered towards SAP and Credit Limits, as well as the college's Academic Progress Standards. 

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