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How can I allow my family members to talk about my account?

How can I allow family members to talk about my account?

All Lane students are protected by FERPA, the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act.  Lane's policy is to treat your information, such as financial aid or account balances, or if you have a hold, as confidential. 

You can set up a Student Information Release password in myLane so they can talk with us directly.  If you do not set a password, we are limited to only general information.  

To set up, view, or change your Information Release password, follow these steps:

  1. Log into mylane
  2. Click on the "myEnrollment" tab towards the top of the screen
  3. Locate the box labeled "Student Records"
  4. Click "Student Information Release"
  5. In the section labeled "2 - Additional Information" you'll find a box that will let you view and create or change your Student Information Release password (see below)
    Student Information Release password box


Important!! Do not use the first section of this screen unless you wish to also set your account as completely "Confidential" for safety purposes. This will require you to volunteer your password or show photo ID any time you contact us.


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