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What are Academic Progress Standards? (Keys to Success)

What is Academic Progress Standards? (Keys to Success)

If you are a degree-seeking credit student at Lane, we want to help you reach your educational goals, and to do that, you need to be completing most of your courses with a passing grade.  So, every term, all students who are in a degree program are tracked to see if they earned at least a 2.0 GPA and completed at least 67% of the credits they attempted that term.  

If you do not meet this Academic Progress Standard, then there will be an intervention to help you succeed.  You will have a hold on your account that prevents future registration until you complete the necessary intervention.  This hold will be an "Alert" hold with a number that tells you what level you have reached.  The Academic Progress Standards information page gives a list of  interventions.

The alert levels are cumulative, so each term you do not meet the standard, you will progress to a higher alert level, and can ultimately be dismissed from the college! So you want to be sure you prepare to meet the APS every term!

This standard is not the same as  the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAP) which is for financial aid recipients only.


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