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How and when will I receive my scholarship?

Receiving Your Scholarship

As with any other type of funding or enrollment related activity, Lane must wait until after the refund period is ended each term before confirming that you meet the enrollment level required by your scholarship.  If the money from your scholarship provider is at Lane by the second week of the term, your scholarship may pay that week.  If there is any delay in receiving the funding, or if there is any complication with confirming scholarship requirements are met, your scholarship will pay as soon as possible after the refund deadline, but may be delayed by up to a few weeks. 

Scholarship money is applied to each term according to the instructions of your scholarship provider.  If there are no other instructions, it will be divided evenly between the terms of expected attendance in the year (i.e. Fall, Winter, Spring).  This amount will always be applied to your student account balance at Lane first and any money left over will be refunded to you.

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