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Do you offer evening and weekend courses?

Evening & Weekend Courses

Lane offers many evening and weekend courses each term for your convenience, as well as Distance Learning so you don't even have to come to campus!

Both credit and non-credit classes, at any location, can be found by looking at the online class schedule from Lane's home pageThe wide orange band across the center of the screen includes the link to "CLASS SCHEDULE"

Click the link in the center section of the page for the type of classes you are seeking (Credit or Non-Credit) and you will see a list of class headings.  Click on any of these headings to find a listing of all classes for that heading, including days, times and locations. 

To find evening or weekend Credit classes, choose the term you want, then choose "Credit Class Listings by Subject".  On the right hand side, you will find a pale yellow box with a link to "Evening Classes"

You can also find evening, weekend, and distance-learning classes in each individual class listing, designated by a blue-gray "Evening and Weekend" bar across the screen above those classes.

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