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What is academic probation?

Academic Probation

Academic Probation is given to students who have failed to meet academic standards for two or more consecutive terms. Minimum academic standards are defined by cumulative GPA and percent of credits earned as seen in the table below.  Academic Probation effects your Financial Aid as well.

Cumulative Credit Hours Earned Cumulative GPA Percent of Credits Earned
0 - 36 1.70 50%
37 - 100+ 2.00 50%

Students who fail to meet academic standards multiple terms in a row will be assigned the following actions:
  • Term 1 - Academic Warning letter providing information on college services that may help the student.
  • Term 2 - Academic Probation #1. A letter will be sent encouraging a counselor/advisor conference.
  • Term 3 - Academic Probation #2. Another letter will be sent encouraging a counselor/advisor conference.
  • Term 4 - Dismissal from college credit classes for one calendar year.
Academic Probation Removal: A student can be removed from probation by exceeding the cumulative GPA standard shown above.

See our Appeals Website for information on appealing Academic Probation.

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