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How do Wait Lists work in myLane?

How do Wait Lists work in myLane?

If you try to add a class and it is full, there will be an opportunity to add yourself to an online Wait List.

Message for Wait Listed Classes:

If you try to add a class that is full and has a Wait List, you will receive one of the following "Registration Error" messages:

Section Full - (0) Students Waitlisted - Waitlist seats available – This means there aren’t any other students on the Wait List, so you will be first in line! You must specifically add yourself to the Wait List and you will see on your schedule that you are added.

Section Full - (1) Students Waitlisted - Waitlist seats available – If there is a number, this tells you how many are ahead of you. Remember that you do need to add yourself, and click "Submit".

How to know if you have been offered a space:

IMPORTANT! You will NOT be automatically registered if there is a space!  You will have to add the class yourself in myLane.

How this works:  An email will be sent to your "" address. It will tell you the time frame you have to add the class.  If you do not add the class within the time frame, you will automatically be dropped from the Wait List.

Students on the wait list will not be assessed tuition and fees until they officially register for the class. Being on a wait list also will not affect your financial aid eligibility.

If you are on a Waitlist, please check your email once per day to ensure you do not miss your chance to register!

Once the term has begun:

  • Wait Lists will remain active during the first week of the term, but only until the last class meeting for that week.
  • If you are number 1-5 on a Wait List, you must attend the class that week.  If it is an online class, contact your instructor to be added as a "guest" in Moodle.
  • After the last class meeting for the week, the Wait List will be purged, and you will need instructor's permission to add the class if an opening occurs after that point.


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