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What summer aid is available?

Summer Aid Availability

If you need financial aid for the Summer, do your FAFSA as early as possible, preferably as an "early applicant" by February 15th! It can take many weeks, and sometimes even months, to review required documentation, and the first awards are usually made in late May or early June. Summer term begins the third week of June, so you will want your award letter to be done early! 

If you are eligible, the types of aid available in Summer are:

  • Pell grant*
  • Stafford loan (remember you need to re-accept any loans each year, if you want them)
  • Parents PLUS loan
  • Federal Work Study (only for early applicants with the highest need)
  • Perkins loan (only for early applicants who are "second year" students)

The Oregon Opportunity Grant and the Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, as well as many scholarships (check with your provider), are not available in Summer. 

When your award letter is created, if you are already registered for Summer term, your funding will automatically be included. If you register for Summer after your award letter is completed, you do not need to do anything but wait--a revised award letter will be created within about two weeks. 

*Note about Summer Pell grants: If you receive a Pell grant and attend Summer term, the Pell grant paid in Summer will come out of your following Spring term.  For example, if you attend 1/2 time in Summer, you will only have half of the following Spring term Pell grant remaining, though Fall and Winter will have the full Pell grant available.  Loans are available to be distributed evenly throughout all four terms if you attend at least half-time.

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