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What are fees and why must I pay them?

What Are Fees and Why Must I Pay Them?

Lane charges fees in a variety of areas each term. Some of the fees you can expect to see each term you are enrolled at Lane include (but are not limited to) Technology Fee ($9 per credit), Transportation Fee ($27 per term), Student Activity Fee ($56 per term), and Student Health Fee ($45 per term).

There are also some fees that are charged one time only, such as the One Time Credit Enrollment Fee ($30 usually the first time you register for credit classes, though at times it may come on your account in a later term if it's never been charged).

Paying fees at Lane enables students to be provided with certain benefits. Some benefits include using computer labs, printing (to an extent), term-long bus passes, parking, use of weight rooms and athletic equipment, basic health care, as well as many others.


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