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What is a BankMobile account?

BankMobile is a company that Lane works with to manage all financial aid refunds to students receiving financial aid. A financial aid refund is the amount of money left over once your financial aid has been paid to your student account in myLane. BankMobile offers two electronic choices for how you would like to receive your money:

  • Direct Deposit (ACH Transfer) to your own checking/savings account if you have one
  • Lanecc Debit Card by setting up a BankMobile "Vibe" account

When you are awarded financial aid AND you have registered for classes, BankMobile will send you an "LaneCC Debit Card" to your most recently updated mailing address and a code to your email. You can use either of these to log into the BankMobile website at to select your refund option.

What if I don't choose an option?  Can I get a paper check?

BankMobile does not offer the option to choose a paper check, because the two electronic methods are more secure and quicker for you to receive your money.  However, if you do not choose any option, BankMobile will hold your refund for 21 days (to allow you to choose) and if no choice is made, will mail you a paper check after 21 days. 

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