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How can I learn to be an effective learner?

Effective Learning

The Academic Learning Skills Department has classes for developing and transfer levels to help prepare you for success in lower-division, professional/technical courses, work, family, and community settings.

Credit Courses

There are a series of credit courses in reading, writing, English as a second language, math, study skills, and computer literacy. These courses are helpful if you have been out of school for a long time, lack confidence in skills, or need to improve/refine your skills. If you have financial aid, most skill development credit courses can be paid for. Lane wants to ensure your success, so take advantage of all the free resources available to help you! 

Guided Studies

Program Guided Studies are designed to help if your placement test scores indicate the need to strengthen academic skills before entering college-level courses.

There is also support if you have specific learning disabilities. The Academic Learning Skills Department uses multi-sensory approaches to learning in many skill-building courses. You can strengthen your basic skills through step-by-step instruction. Computer classes include basic keyboarding and word processing, writing and study skills in a more individualized, self-paced approach to help you develop computer skills. Staff provide individual assistance to you if you have learning disabilities to help you learn, select appropriate courses, and assist you with other programs or services. 


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