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When can I see my Financial Aid awards?

Current Year:  If you have submitted a FAFSA for the academic year that is currently under way, the Financial Aid team will package your award letter as soon as possible, and does this throughout the aid year.  It is possible to get a financial aid award letter, and get paid, during a term that is already under way, but be sure you have some backup method of payment for that term in case financial aid isn't done in time or isn't enough.

Next Year:  If you have submitted a FAFSA for the academic year that has not yet begun, the first award packaging is done around the beginning of June prior to that Summer term beginning.  It's possible to do your FAFSA as early as January 1st before the financial aid year begins.  The earliest applicants often get the best awards, but ONLY if you follow up with Lane after the beginning of March to be sure you do any other requirements.

Criteria for a Financial Aid award letter at Lane:

Check your myLane account on the "myFinances" tab.  On the right-hand side of the page, you will find a box that says "Financial Aid Requirements". 

  • All "Student Requirements" must be completed and "Satisfied". 
  • Your "Financial Aid Academic Progress" must not be "FA Suspension".
  • You must not have any "Holds" on your Financial Aid. 

You can view your award package, once completed, for any given academic year in which one has been awarded in your myLane account on the "myFinances" tab.  

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