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What is considered half-time or full-time status?

What is Considered Half-time or Full-time Status?

Full-Time Status:

3/4 Time Status:

  • 9-11 credits per term


  • 6-8 credits per term

Many students who ask this are interested in financial aid requirements. For most forms of financial aid, you can get paid at least partial amounts if you are at least half-time. Remember that loans require half-time enrollment, which means 6 credits or more!   Many scholarships and veterans' benefits require full-time enrollment. 

Be aware that if you drop classes after the "refund period" (the end of the first week of the term), any credits are counted as "Attempted Credits" for financial aid completion requirements such as Satisfactory Academic Progress or Repeated Courses.

This is also true for the college's early alert system called Academic Progress Standards

Summer term: At Lane during Summer term, full-time is still 12 credits or more. There is no reduction, as there may be with other institutions or with certain types of benefits. 

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