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Do I need to take placement tests?

Placement Tests

All new credit students who are seeking a degree/certificate, and have never been to college before, must take placement tests in Reading, Writing, and Math before being allowed to register. Since Lane does not use SAT/ACT scores, the placement testing is the method we use to determine your skills so you begin with the right class levels for your success in college. 

Math Testing

If this is your first time in college, or if it's been over a year since your last Math class, you should register for a Math test at least.  There is a link to Math Study Guides on the Placement Testing website, if you click "Links to Study Strategy Websites" on the side bar.

To register to take your placement tests, from Lane's home page, click on "Apply & Enroll" in the upper left corner.  There will be a drop down menu, and the first item is "Steps to Enroll".  The third or fourth step listed is "Placement Testing", and on that page you will find the link to register.

There are a few reasons you may not need to take placement tests:

  • If you are not seeking a degree/certificate, but just want to take a class or two. What to do: When you apply, choose "Taking Credit Classes No Degree or Transfer" when asked for your degree program.
  • If you have attended a prior college (not including College Now). What to do: Choose the link "PRIOR COLLEGE Students enter here".  Submit official transcripts to Enrollment and Student Financial Services, and visit a Counselor (you may bring your unofficial transcripts) to determine whether you will need to test.
  • If you are admitted only as a non-credit student.

The testing center is in Building 1 Room 116.

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