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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

We know it sounds funny, but SAP is a very important term for you to understand if you receive financial aid! It means "Satisfactory Academic Progress" in financial aid language, and it is the set of requirements you have to meet in order to keep getting paid financial aid each term. There is lots of information on the Financial Aid website, but here are the basics... 

At the end of every term, the Financial Aid team will check to see if you are completing at least 67% of the credits you have attempted overall, and whether you are maintaining at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA (that's a "C" average).  If you have under 17 credits total, they won't look at your GPA yet.  These are cumulative amounts, so as you go through college, the more classes you take, the less effect a single term's outcome will have. 

You can see a complete description of the standards here.

If you are unsure whether you will meet SAP, try this SAP Calculator.

If you get Suspended you can submit a "Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal" form, which you can find on the Financial Aid forms page

Reasons to Appeal: 

  • Medical or mental health reason during the term, and you can give documentation and a release to return to school from your care provider.
  • Family emergency and you have documentation from a professional third party source (it can't be a note from your family member or friend). 
  • Have a post-term grade change that brings you back into eligible standing, such as finishing the work for an Incomplete.
    Take a term on your own that you pay for yourself, and pass your classes with at least "C" grades.
  • Agree to take "Back on Course," a 1 credit College Success class designed to help you manage college better, along with whatever other classes you are going to take the next term.  Important!  This option is NOT a guarantee of reinstatement.  Overall circumstances will be evaluated.  Check with Enrollment and Student Financial Services if you wish to know about this.

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